We have developed a DoBeFriend loyalty program for our regular guests, which is applied to all our hostels and hotels. Its holders acquire an amazing opportunity to get lovely presents from DoBeDo Group, and to receive bonus points allowing one to save up on staying. All it takes you is to book your stay with us directly (through an e-mail, a phone call, our website or in social networks), and not trough the booking channels.

'DoBeFriend' rules are very simple:

If you’re staying with us for the first time and you are planning to regularly return to Yekaterinburg, just let us know, and at your next check-in we’ll be happy to issue a DoBeFriend loyalty card for you.

The card is valid in all the DoBeDo Group facilities (DoBeDo hostel & hotel, Hostel#9) and allows you to enjoy nice presents from us:

  • Upon availability, when you arrive we will perform room upgrade for you for free (check you into Economy Double Room instead of Economy Single Room, Double Comfort Room instead of Double Economy Room, Double Standart Room or Single Standart Room instead of Double Comfort Room depending on the number of guests).

  • We will offer you a free of charge early check-in/late check-out service (check-in from 9 am, check-out till 6 pm) upon availability at the moment we receive a notification that you need an early check-in or a late check-out.

Besides, we will send bonus points to your card for all your direct bookings:

DoBeFriend Club

Ekaterinburg  Tel: +7 (343) 288-50-58

You will be able to spend the bonus points you have saved up to pay the full cost of your stay or its part in our hostels and hotels, as well as for the additional services according to the following rules:

Staying at 'Kvartira №9' hostel

Staying at DoBeDo hostel & hotel

Additional Services

In case of a partial payment for the stay or for the additional services, 100 points equal RUB 200. If the account balance is less than 100 points, partial payment is unavailable.

Мы принимаем:


DoBeDo hostel & DoBeDo hotel

Екатеринбург, пр.Ленина, д.52 к2 и 52 к3

Телефон для бронирования:  +7 (903) 078-19-19

Свяжитесь с нами:
Телефон: +7 (343) 288-50-58

E-mail: info@dobedohostel.com

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