DoBeDo hostel & hotel is situated in the centre of Yekaterinburg, in the biggest constructivist-style commune house from the Soviet era. It has been functioning since 2015, welcoming its guests under the motto ‘With love for the city’.

DoBeDo hostel & hotel is a unique place on Yekaterinburg’s map, where the practicality of a hostel is combined with a hotel’s comfort, and the high level of service is accompanied by affordable rates. DoBeDo hostel & hotel is more than just a roof over your head: we know and love Yekaterinburg, and we’d like to share this feeling with our guests. Our team is always nearby to help you make the few days or weeks you’re spending in the capital of the Urals unforgettable: we will tell you about the places with the most delicious food, about the snug corners and exciting routes that most tourists are unaware of; we will book the tickets for the most stunning events occurring in the city and for the best guided tours; we will share stories about our lovely city, its past, present and future; we will offer you a range of creative designer souvenirs; and, finally, we will treat you to the finest coffee in our ‘Kommune’ coffee shop.

Today, DoBeDo hostel & hotel offers 27 rooms of four different kinds: Dormitory, Economy, Comfort & Boutique - for all the different situations and demands, be it going to a concert with friends, a family weekend holiday, a  few days’ stop during your Transsiberian adventure,  a business trip, or studying.

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Ekaterinburg  Tel: +7 (343) 288-50-58

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DoBeDo hostel & DoBeDo hotel

Екатеринбург, пр.Ленина, д.52 к2 и 52 к3

Телефон для бронирования:  +7 (903) 078-19-19

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Телефон: +7 (343) 288-50-58


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